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12 Score and 3 Years Ago

Hello all! This week’s blog is going to touch on an issue very near to my heart. We got the opportunity to visit a pop up museum that talked about the history and current state of slavery around the world.

Mercury Studios put together 12 score and 3 years ago, harkening not only to the Declaration of Independence, but also Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The museum wanted to take a look at the “mission statement” of the Declaration of Independence, and the idea that all men are equal, and take a status report on how we are doing on that idea of liberty over the years since we abolished slavery in the Civil War.

It was very moving and Jared and I both learned amazing things about our history as a human race and how we have treated each other over the centuries. Jared and I are still praying about our involvement in abolition since leaving Redeemed. But we really wanted to share all that we learned in the hopes that others will pray and act to stop slavery in our day and age!