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A Weekend in New Orleans

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to New Orleans for a weekend! It was a wonderful time with family. We explored the historical sites of the Battle of New Orleans and the National WWII Museum as well as witnessed the wedding of my cousin! 

My brother actually lived in New Orleans over the last few years while attending college. So our family has been to the city on several occasions. It's family tradition to celebrate big things by eating at Emeril's Delmonico restaurant (best steak ever) and my Daddy's birthday was no exception! We had a wonderful meal full of laughs and good food. 

My mom and I discovered (ironically, while in Washington DC) that I had never been to the national WWII museum that is located near the French Quarter! Knowing my love for that era and my insatiable love for history, it was definitely high on our list to make sure that we hit that up. And OH! I was in love. This museum is very well done. I think it is very well balanced on telling the facts of the war with very little agenda but still maintaining the importance of America's role in this war. We toured the new section where they chronicled the Pacific side of the war in one wing and the European side of the war in another. They always skip over what actually happened in the war in history class and there were several "Aha!" moments as I pieced together the timelines. I loved the stories of individuals they highlighted both on plaques and on videos you can watch at different stations. It's one of those places where no matter how many hours you spend there, you wish you could spend just one more to see one more thing. It will definitely be something I go back to because we just scratched the surface on all there is to see.

To see some of what we did, check out the 80 second highlight video below!

If you would like the in depth view of all the wonderful things we did, check out the playlist below!