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A Pinocchio Adventure

Hi folks! Welcome back to week two of our Disney Countdown! Last week we watched Snow White. This week, we watched Pinocchio! 

Let me tell you, it had been a LONG time since I had watched this movie and I loved it. There's something about the simplicity of the story that lends itself to so many life lessons! It's easy to go into my "GT Language Arts" mode and dissect all the different character developments and storylines. But for the sake of entertainment on this blog, I will refrain haha!

This week I had a fun time coming up with Disneybound ideas. There are so many characters to choose from! I settled on the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket, but in his hobo clothes! 

For the Blue Fairy outfit, I got the jeans at Gap, the sweater at Ann Taylor Loft (years ago) and the blue nursing shirt at Milk Nursewear. The shoes were from a few years ago at Payless! I found the accessories at Joann's on sale! Then Rea's outfit is from Baby Gap. Add leggings and cute shoes and she is adorable!

The Jiminy Cricket outfit I actually mostly made. I made what I call "genie pants" from soft knit fabric I found at Joanns and then make the yellow tank top out of scraps in my fabric bin! Yay up-cycling! The grey sweater is from Gap and the Keds shoes are from Payless. I found the "wish" charms at Joann's. They are originally supposed to go on a bracelet, but I just found some great string and made it into a necklace!

We had a low key but fun family adventure. Watch all of our adventures in the video!

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