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A Speedy Adventure!

We had a really special time this week! We watched one of Maddie's favorites, Cars!

This movie makes it really easy to Disneybound...there are so many characters to choose from! Add in that Maddie got some new clothing pieces at we had a ton of fun putting together outfits this week!

We headed up to Maine where Maddie's aunt, uncle and cousins live. We did a really fun 10K race with them and then we got a special opportunity to see Maddie's Uncle's car fabrication shop.

You see, Maddie's mom's side of the family has always been big into cars. Maddie's grandpa is actually a pretty famous driver with the Golden Commandos and used to work for Chrysler in the dyno rooms working on engine performance. 

So cars have always been a big deal in the family and Maddie's Uncle (and his business partner) hand-restore vintage cars at their garage, Double S Speed Shop! So come along as we get an amazing tour of the work they do!