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Workout Wednesday 1.17.18

Happy Hump Day!

Last week was pretty dismal in the workout department. I started out really good at the beginning of the week. Then the rest of the week was pretty nonexistent. 

But, it's a new week and I am ready to get back at it. One thing that really resonated with me this week came from a book I'm reading called "The Wisdom of Walt." I'll be doing a book review on it later!!

But one thing really stuck out with me. It talked about always having a "next" thing. He gave the example of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Everyone talks about how incredible it was to be the first ones to walk on the moon. And it was! But no one talks about what you do after you walk on the moon. How do you top that? How does anything you do on Earth compare to walking on the surface of something out in space? It doesn't. And apparently Armstrong and Aldrin both went into depressions after they got back.

I have experienced "post marathon depression" and "post Disney depression." You get so amped up for these things and then when you are done, you ask, "What's next?" But according to the author,

Success doesn’t mean you always have to have a bigger or better. You just have to keep moving forward.
— The Wisdom of Walt, Jeff Barnes

In working out (and in life), it's imperative to have goals and priorities so that you stay focused on the things that you really want. But don't feel like you always have to "one up" yourself. I'm currently in that spot where I feel like I'm not doing "as much" as I used to in both life and working out. But instead of being down on myself, I'm trying to stay focused on what's in front of me and keep moving forward.

This week's workouts:

  • Monday - 20 minute run (2 min run/3min walk)
  • Tuesday - Abs
  • Wednesday - 25 minute run (2 min run/3min walk)
  • Thursday - Arms
  • Friday - Yoga
  • Saturday - 30 minute run (2 min run/3min walk)