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Workout Wednesday 1.3.18

Hello everyone! And welcome to our first installment of Workout Wednesday!

Now, I hear you right now in your head going "Oh no...not another self indulgent fitness blog post that makes me feel bad about not working out." Reason I hear you saying it because it's what I'm hearing in my head too. 

I mean sports can be pretty competitive. I remember when Jared and I ran our first marathon at Disney. I was so excited/nervous because we were taking on a bucket list item - running a marathon! But at this particular race, there were a couple of challenges called the Goofy Challenge (running the half marathon and the marathon back to back) and the Dopey Challenge (running the 5K, 10K, half marathon and the marathon in four consecutive days). We found ourselves being those people that were "just" doing the marathon and it was easy to feel like an "underachiever." 

Let's face it. There are tons of people that write about fitness and it's easy to feel like we aren't as good as someone else. Some blogs even give us titles like Do this workout and you will lose ten pounds this month! And when we don't lose the weight or meet that goal we feel like a failure.

But are there many blogs that write just about health? You know, working out not just to lose weight or look good in a swimsuit. There are so many other benefits to working out - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sports don't just entertain us, but they teach us important life skills as well! 

I just went to my postpartum appointment last week and got the all clear to start "seriously" working out again. I'm using this fresh start as an opportunity to revamp my workout regimen. I don't want to focus on losing weight. Instead, I want to lose inches (my baby bump) and build the stamina and strength I need for all the adventures I want to take around the world with our baby girl. The wife on a YouTube channel I watch called The Bucket List Family said their goal is to get in better shape post-baby than they were pre-baby. That's something that's really resonated with me.

So each week...yes, I will be sharing the workouts I'm doing/have done. And I will be keeping myself accountable on this blog. But I also want to bring you something that I learn through my workouts each and every week. Hopefully, it will help you in your fitness journey, whatever that might look like. 

I've prepared for this new endeavor by grabbing myself some new workout gear. I needed new leggings for winter and a new workout bra. Reagan approves of the new gear! There's something very motivating for me about having new cloths for working out!


This week's workouts:

  • Monday - 15 min run (1 minute run, 4 min walk repeats)
  • Tuesday - Strength (abs)
  • Wednesday - 20 min run (1 minute run, 4 min walk repeats)
  • Thursday - Strength (legs)
  • Friday - Yoga
  • Saturday - 30 min run (1 minute run, 4 min walk repeats)