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Workout Wednesday 2.14.18

Ehhhh… What’s up Doc?

It’s time for another workout Wednesday. Now usually, this would be the segment where we try to bring forth some form of valuable information about eating well, living healthy, exercising, or regale you with stories of our heroic efforts to do any of those things.

Not today. Today is a heads up for all you “Average Joe” non-six pack, wanna-be dads who think you’ve heard all the advice and warnings about becoming parents (maybe this should be in the parenting section of our blog). Well, allow me to add one more penny to the pile of (non)cents you’ve already stored away.

The forewarning is this… when you have a child, there’s some invisible, magical switch inside you that toggles without your knowledge. This switch is the “fat-loss ability toggle” switch (FAT switch for short). Before your little bundle of joy arrives, it stays mostly on (the “willpower” switch will be discussed in a later blog). Now, when said bundle arrives, apparently the FAT switch turns off… hard. Not like, “Oh I haven’t lost any weight in a month.” Nope. It’s more like, “Crap, how did I gain 10 pounds in 10 days while on a diet?” 

I mean seriously, it’s kinda ridiculous. I’ve never been someone who can drop weight like I was wearing a lead vest or anything, but this experience has seemed somewhat excessive. Even with consistent exercise and a “better than it was” diet, I can barely keep from gaining any more weight. I’ve been calorie counting, weight lifting, running and walking. I’ve been eating less processed food (read: tasty) and adding more greens (read: rabbit food). But it all is seemingly in vain. 

I don’t know. Maybe part of it had to do with going from consistent weight training prior to baby to almost none for two months after her arrival. Who can say? All I know is that I’m still hardily searching for a way to reverse the FAT switch before I balloon out like the Nutty Professor when his formula wears off. 

So for anyone who’s also had their FAT switch flip (you) off, know you’re not alone. In fact, we can be FAT friends if you want! We’ll share recipes and swat Twinkies from each others hands. Just shoot me a message sometime. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here letting out my pants, pounding down water, and munching on carrots, hoping I don’t also start to grow long ears and a fluffy tail.