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Workout Wednesday 2.28.18

This picture is me just about to cross the finish line of my best race ever.

This race for me was all about speed. There were no Disney characters on the course. There were no magic castles or costumes. There were (however) beautiful sights of Washington D.C. and the cherry blossoms and the weather ended up being perfect.

Did I mention there were also Tiffany & Co. necklaces at stake??

I set a goal for myself to finish the 13.1 miles under two hours and thirty minutes. I remember running the last mile and a half on legs that felt like lead. But I am happy to say, I met that goal AND I recorded negative splits!

That was in 2014. That was also when I weighed 165 pounds. 

The truth is, while I have continued running since then, I gained 20 pounds while doing it. Then when I got pregnant, I added 10 more pounds to that. My body is now feeling the effects of not only recovering from a baby, but also gaining the extra 30 pounds. It's no wonder my knees and hips hate me when I run. 

So, my trainer and I had a meeting after my workout this week to determine what I need to do to meet my goals. So let's start with the stats, shall we?

Last time I measured (1.31.18):

  • Bicep (R) - 11.75 in
  • Thigh (R) - 21.5 in
  • Neck - 13.75 in
  • Chest - 46 in
  • Hip - 41.5 in
  • Waist - 37.0 in
  • Weight - 189.8 lbs
  • Body Fat - 36.6%

Yesterday's measurements (2.27.18):

  • Bicep (R) - 12.75 in (+1.0 in)
  • Thigh (R) - 21.0 in (-0.5 in)
  • Neck - 14.0 in (+0.25 in)
  • Chest - 46.0 in (+/- 0 in)
  • Hip - 40.5 in (-1 in)
  • Waist - 37.0 in (+/- 0 in)
  • Weight - 191.2 lbs (+1.4 lbs)
  • Body Fat - 36.9% (+0.3%)

Basically, I have overall stayed stagnant this month.

Now, as my trainer suggested, let's start with the things I am doing right.

  1. I am back at the gym. Literally the DAY Reagan was allowed into the gym Kids Club, I was there, doing personal training again.
  2. I'm being consistent again. I worked out consistently five days a week since being able to go back to the gym. I also "broke the ice" and went on a swim last week, something I have been procrastinating on starting. 

Now, let's start with the grim realities:

  1. If I ever want to be able to run like I did in this Washington D.C. race, I HAVE to lose the weight. Otherwise, I'm constantly going to be plagued by injury. 
  2. The way to do this is I MUST get back on track with my calories and food log. None of this work at the gym is going to be worth it if I'm not eating good food for my body afterwards.

So, this is my personal "wake up call" to the reality of my fitness goals. No motivational speech. No pep talk. Just a heart to heart with you that I need to just do what I need to do. So, maybe help a girl out and keep me accountable? Gracias.