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Workout Wednesday 3.14.18

I feel like the title of this should be "straighten up or else..."

When I used to hear the world "chiropractor" I used to have this scary thought of someone who would make my back bend weird ways and then purposely make it where I would have to come back time and time again just to be pain free. I've also had some experiences where they put me on a table with a roller machine and just let me lay there for a while and called it "therapeutic." I called it a waste of my time and money.

While yes, there might be the need to come back to be pain free still, I have had a new appreciation for the chiropractor that I now frequent.

When I was marathon training, I was putting a big strain on my hips and feet. My bones were actually grinding together (as we found out). So while I was running, things were hurting more than they should have. I was forced to try this "chiropractor" thing. Thankfully, my mom and dad had found an amazing chiropractor that didn't rely on machines to do the therapeutic work necessary to help get us back in alignment. Instead, they have a package where you get an hour massage along with your adjustment and the masseuses specifically work on loosening up tight muscles that are pulling your joints out of whack.

I could definitely feel during my pregnancy how much my hips were hurting and my knee was feeling the extra weight. But my ligaments were so loose it was hard to justify spending money to get myself put back into alignment just to get out of it as I walk out of the door. Now that I'm four months postpartum, we went back and boy! What a difference! I apparently not only had my hips out of place, but a few ribs out of place too. 

So what's my point? When we work out we need to make sure we take care of our muscles and joints so that we can have long, healthy careers in fitness. I didn't realize that I was missing the range of motion in my arm until my ribs were put back in place. Sometimes, we need to just going in and make sure we are "straightened up" so that we don't end up injuring ourselves!

And if your interested, Coppell Wellness Center is where we go!

Workouts this week:

  • Monday - Walk the south loop
  • Tuesday - Strength with Dustin
  • Wednesday - Bike 30 minutes
  • Thursday - Strength with Dustin
  • Friday - Swim 600m
  • Saturday - Walk or bike
  • Sunday - Rest
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