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Workout Wednesday 4.11.18

Working out with kids...

It sounds like it shouldn't be that hard. But I severely underestimated the challenge that would be trying to get in a 20 minute workout with a crying baby. 

Thankfully I have made it a priority and have stuck to it. Hopefully, I have a couple of ideas for you if you are dealing with kids as well (granted, at this point mostly for kids 5 months and under haha. More to be added as time goes on). 

First tip: make your baby a part of the workout. This works especially for running or biking. The fresh air and the sights also help keep your baby "mentally occupied." We have a BOB stroller with a Summer infant insert for running/walking and we just recently bought a bike trailer from Amazon now that she has a really good handle on holding her head up.

Second tip: pay for the gym childcare! We go to LA Fitness and they have a Kids Club at our facility. You shouldn't expect a daycare type of environment where they have the latest Montessori curriculum. However, it's an adequate and safe environment that basically allows you to focus 100% on your workout. We love the woman who is in charge of our Kids Club and I get the workouts I need to meet my goals.

That's all I have for now. But when I get more insight as the ages go on, I will definitely share them with you!

Do you have any tips for getting workouts in with kids? Please share them in the comments!  

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