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Workout Wednesday 4.4.18

Welcome to another Workout Wednesday!

As you saw on our Swiss Adventure video, we went camping at Dinosaur Valley. This was one of our few repeat visits to a State Park and I feel like it's a testament to how much we love this place. 

Three years ago was our first trip here together. 

There were a few things that I remember about this trip. First, it was a "trial run" for our backpacking trips. We hiked out to a primitive campsite and we figured out what gear we would/would not need. 

I also remember how difficult it was to not only hike out to the campsite (I got super tired and had to take a break) but also how difficult it was to cross the river. I took forever.

Fast forward three years later and it was very interesting to notice the difference in our fitness. We didn't get tired on the hikes, even with gear on our backs. While I still hesitated on the river, I was much faster than last time. We were faster on the trails and didn't get fatigued on the climbs like we did last time. 

What's the point to all this blabber? Sometimes, you need to revisit an old activity to understand just how far you have come. We both have felt like we have "lost" fitness since baby. But after this trip, we realize that all our hard work over the years has actually made us stronger in the long run!

This week we are starting the running back up! I'm using the Galloway Method of Run-Walk-Run to ease back into it. Wish me luck!

This week's workouts:

  • Monday - Run 15-20 min
  • Tuesday - Strength Training with Dustin
  • Wednesday - Run 15-20 min 
  • Thursday - Strength Training with Dustin
  • Friday - Off
  • Saturday - Run 1 mile
  • Sunday - Bike ride as a family