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Workout Wednesday 5.2.18

Hello everyone! And welcome to anther Workout Wednesday!

Today's blog is a little more introspective and less logistical than last week's edition, but I think it's just as applicable to everyday life!

We have been training with our personal trainer for a year now...and what a difference a year makes! While running may have started at square one, I KNOW I would have been in even worse shape than if we hadn't been working with Dustin. 

One thing Dustin does is plan workouts that are specifically designed for us to reach muscle failure. Heavy loads, low reps. The point of the workout is for the body to feel the heavy load and (hopefully) adapt to be able to lift it the next time.

One thing I have been struggling with emotionally is the feeling of failure. Between my non-existent career, my value as a mom and a wife, building relationships with friends and family, I feel like I'm never achieving what I set out to do. So I feel like I'm failing. (Note: this isn't to say if I'm actually failing, it's just discussing how I feel sometimes.)

But I think if we can metaphorically say that God is our "life" trainer, I think he does things similar to a personal trainer at the gym. Some seasons of life are those workouts where you have a lighter load, high reps and you feel like you conquered at the end. Then, there are other seasons in life where you are designed to fail in order to make you stronger. 

It's very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there might be situations where God wants me to fail because it teaches me valuable lessons. I don't like to fail. But if I change my mindset to embrace the failure and allow it to make me stronger, I think I will be much happier in the long term!

This week for workouts we are switching days up a little bit to get into more of a pattern and routine to my plan!

This week's workouts:

  • Monday - Run 30 minutes
  • Tuesday - Strength training with Dustin
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Run 30 minutes
  • Friday - Strength training with Dustin
  • Saturday - Run 2.5 miles
  • Sunday - Bike 30 minutes as a family