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Nursery Design


Hi there! And thank you for checking out our nursery design page! We are so excited about our new addition to the family and we cannot wait to bring her home into her new room!

We are the type that it's difficult to put our design ideas into words. Being the visual learners we are, we decided to draw all the things we are thinking about when it comes to our vision for our baby girl!

If you know Maddie, she's not a girly girl. And if you know Jared and Maddie, they have many different fandoms they love as well as their love for travel. This room hopes to reflect all of that with a travel theme and little nods to fandoms through the room!


The Room Layout

Here's the layout for the room. The following drawings will show the designs starting with the wall with the crib followed by the walls going clockwise (or turning to the right).

Wall 1

The door is on the left hand side of the picture with the crib pretty much centered on the wall. We already have a Tangled puzzle that we are going to frame (seen to the right of the door) and so this side of the room is going to be Tangled themed (something Maddie's been wanting for years). Note the Tangled banners over the crib and the mobile made out of Disney Tsum Tsum characters. We also hope to find large lettering that will spell out Reagan's initials to go over the crib. 

Wall 2

We will be repurposing Maddie's old furniture with a facelift and new drawer pulls that will become Reagan's new dresser. The changing table will go on top with a peg board to hold necessary diaper changing supplies and cute signs/decorations. We will use a shutter in this room instead of curtains to cover the window. Then, the rocker will be in the corner with a lamp and a box (labeled "Once Upon a Time") to hold all of Reagan's books. The teal blanket would ideally be the same color as the crib wall. 

Wall 3

Our final wall shows our rocker next to the repurposed nightstand. The top bar in this picture is a shelf to put travel inspired decor. Then, we are wanting to put framed "travel posters" to different fandom inspired places along this wall. A bookcase (in blue) will hold toys, books, blankets, etc that will be needed in the room. 

We hope this gives you a great idea of what we are hoping for our baby girl's future room! If you would like to match colors, we are using a Sherwin William's color scheme called Global Spice and we are using the following colors for our color scheme!

Sable SW 6083 - matching this brown for the stain on most of the wood

Cloudburst SW 6487 - this is the teal color for the wall and the bookcase

Canvas Tan SW 6375 - wall color

Framboise SW 6566 - meant to be an accent color only

Honeycomb SW 6375 - meant to be an accent color only

Garden Spot SW 6432 - meant to be an accent color only

If you would love to bless our child with any gifts, you can check out our registry at https://www.babylist.com/madelyn-egli and https://www.amazon.com/baby-reg/madelyn-egli-jared-egli-november-2017-fortworth/1H5HGRNBBZCPR

If you are ordering via Amazon, we would be overjoyed if you would use Amazon Smile and select Redeemed Ministries as your supported ministry. Every purchase you make will send a small donation to them with no additional cost to you! 

Thank you again for supporting our growing family!