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Workout Wednesday 1.10.18

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another Workout Wednesday!

So last week when I talked about my vision for this series, I emphasized I wanted to make it more about HEALTH and not necessarily all about losing pounds. While consistency in a workout routine is absolutely necessary in my life right now to meet my goals, there are certain things that come up where my workout routine and my mental and emotional health butt heads (so to speak). Sometimes, there are circumstances where sticking to my workout routine actually detracts from my overall health because it becomes an unnecessary obsession to have a "perfect" training plan. 

Monday was Exhibit A for this. I had a 20 minute run scheduled with a 1 minute run, 4 minute walk repeat. However, Jared and I were stressed out about a lot of things going on at home, trying to check things off the to do lists. We were starting to get frustrated at each other and we were heading in a bad direction relationally. What we needed was something fun and some Vitamin D. So instead of going on that run, we went geocaching! We ended up walking about a mile over the course of an hour. Not the most extraneous workout ever. But we were having fun. And de-stressing. And we came back in better moods than we started. 

I'm not going to stress out about "making up" for the workout. We got out. We were active. So I just picked up my workout where we left off and got an arms workout in on Tuesday. Today I'll be running again. 

Lesson? Don't let the workout plan take away your joy for life. This was my biggest issue when I was younger and trying to stick with a plan. I felt like if the plan wasn't perfectly executed, then it wasn't worth seeing it through. So if I missed one workout, I would give up entirely. This is not about making excuses for skipping workouts. But instead, acknowledging that life happens, and sometimes you don't get a couple workouts in. But if you stick with it, you will find you have a lot more consistency instead of failure in your fitness goals. 

Workouts this week:

  • Monday - 20 minute run (1:4 run walk repeats), but we went geocaching!
  • Tuesday - Arms
  • Wednesday - 25 minute run (1:4 run walk repeats)
  • Thursday - Abs
  • Friday - Yoga
  • Saturday - 30 minute run (1:4 run walk repeats)
  • Sunday - Rest
Madelyn Egli