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Trip Up North

Every year, since Jared was 13, he would travel up to Indiana with his grandfather and dad to go hunting. It's been a family tradition every since. 

Jared's grandfather died in 2007, but it hasn't stopped them from going up and continuing to hunt on the land. Maddie finally got to make it up there for the first time and got to see first hand where this special place was. 

There was more than hunting on this trip. We checked out some of the neighboring towns to do a little shopping and dodged Amish buggies on our way to and from the house. The whole trip was lots of fun with family!

If you only have 80 seconds, you can see the video below. But I highly suggest you scroll down to watch the whole trip report and hear the stories Jared and his dad have about this special place!

Here's the full report! Enjoy!