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A Weekend in San Antonio: Day 3

This last weekend we had an amazing and wonderful weekend with my family, including my Aunt and Uncle! It's their first Christmas back in the States for a while since they have been missionaries overseas for several years now!

Sunday we ate at the historical Gunther House. It was the first flour mill in the area and a the catalyst for the city growing. The original house is now a restaurant and serves DELICIOUS food! 

From there, we headed out to tour four of the old missions in San Antonio. What we quickly realized is that these missions are still functioning churches! So mass was happening all morning. We got the opportunity to speak to a few parishioners at Concepcion, then actually attend mass at San Jose. It was a wonderful experience. The people were so welcoming and I was really touched by the message the father had for the congregation, talking about being ready for Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see how a catholic mass was held, especially in an old mission at Christmas time. 

We finished up the day touring the final, smaller missions. We had a special treat with our own "built in" pastor, Uncle Tom. He led us through a family devotion at the last mission inside the chapel. That's a memory I will cherish for a long time.

ared and I then had to head back to Dallas for work. I loved this weekend and the time we got to spend with family, touring the wonderful city where so much of Texas history was born.