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Backpacking Caprock Canyon

This last weekend we got away to hike out at Caprock Canyon State Park. A few hours away, it was a part of Texas I hadn't seen before and it did not disappoint.

We camped in the tent areas upon arrival before starting out on the backpacking portion of the trip in the morning. That first day we hiked about five miles and got our first views of the canyon, along with a friendly bison! They free range at the park and are genetically identical to the original bison found before settlers came to the west.

That night we camped in North Prong (probably my favorite spot). The second day of hiking was my favorite by far. We visited a small fern cave where we ate lunch then scaled the small mesa to the top where we got a 360 degree view of the park. The hike back down was a little terrifyingly steep, but we managed and we found ourselves at South Prong in no time. We played in the creek before making dinner and going back to bed.

It rained the following morning and we had to eat breakfast in the tent before packing everything up and heading back to the Jeep. There was this crazy fog all over the canyon as we hiked out! 

Hope you enjoy our small tour of the park!