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A Honey Adventure!

This week we were on the road visiting family and we did a date to watch Christopher Robin! This was a movie we had been really wanting to see. But with a baby, it’s always difficult to get to the theaters!

For Disneybounding this week, it gave me a new challenge to design after the “real life and aged” versions of our favorite characters. But it also allowed me to play with a ton of fall colors like blues and browns and yellows…which is appropriate for right now!

Since we were traveling this week, we tried to make our date as simple as possible. We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (one of our favorites) and then headed over to the movie theatre. Once we got home, Maddie and Rea had some time together while Jared was gone. So Maddie made some gluten free donuts on a rainy Saturday morning for them to enjoy!