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A Horse Adventure!

Welcome to our February Disneybound our Life episode! We were super excited about this month’s activity! We watched Secretariat as our movie (which Maddie will tell you is a new favorite movie of hers) and we got to go horseback riding for Valentines day!

First off, as always, here are some Disneybound outfit ideas for Secretariat! I always find it hard to do live action movies as they have real outfits that are difficult to copy. But I tried my best to not get caught up in the details and instead use the costumes in the movie as inspiration to use what is already in my closet!

We went out to the Grapevine/Trophy Club area and rode horses with Marshall Creek Ranch! They have many amazing horses (seriously, I was amazed at how many horses they had!). What we also really liked about them is that they offer riding based on different experience levels. So you didn’t have to ride as a beginner if you felt comfortable trotting for a little bit. And the ride was LONG as well! So we felt we were getting our money’s worth! We had different landscapes that we went through (at least, as different as Texas will give ya!) and did a few small creek crossings. We really enjoyed ourselves and have already decided if we ever get the chance, we are going back!