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A Medieval Adventure!

This week for Disneybounding our Life we watched Sword in the Stone! It was one of Jared's favorites growing up and we enjoyed watching all the whimsical animation that this film has to offer! 

Maddie found this week to be a challenge for her Disneybound outfits. She wanted to use items she currently owns, but not do the same things over and over again. After much debate, this is what she came up with!

For our activity to go along with this movie, we went to the Scarborough Fair! It's a Renaissance Festival where people reenact a 1500's village in England. We were blown away about how fun this activity was and thought we might even come back next year!

If you would like to visit or find out more information, you can do so at the Scarborough Fair Website!

The two shops we highlight in the video can be found at the following links: