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A Snow White Adventure

So it's official...we are going to Disney World! We booked our trip to Disney to celebrate Rea's first birthday and in true Maddie style, we had to do a countdown of some kind!

If you have followed the blog for a while, you know that Maddie is into something called Disneybounding. She talked about it in a video last year, but it's basically choosing your outfits to match the style or color of a Disney character. So we got the idea to "Disneybound our life." As a countdown to our trip!

So each week we will watch a Disney movie. Then, we will do either a family activity, a date night or a service project that is inspired by that movie. We will then blog what we do so that if you want to do something similar with your family, maybe it will give you ideas on things you can do!

And of course, Maddie will be Disneybounding the while time!

This week we started out with the very fist Disney movie ever, Snow White! We decided to then make a bird feeder since Snow White seems to have all these helpful birds around her all the time. Maybe we can attract some of our own and get them to help with the dishes! The Pinterest inspiration for it can be found here and Jared shows how he made it in the video below!

Do you want to see what else we have done for Disneybounding our Life? We have it all listed out right here!