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A Tangled Adventure!

We are back at it with our Disneybounding our Life series! We won’t be doing these quite as frequently as we have been. But we have enjoyed our family time during these activities so much that we decided to keep doing them after our Disney trip!

Plus, we have already booked our next one…so we are excited to “count down” to that one too!

This week, we did Tangled! And technically, it was last month that we did this one. But with all the traveling we did around Thanksgiving, we haven’t gotten this one out until now!

Here’s some of the Disneybounds Maddie came up with for this movie!

This activity was months in the making…with buying tickets months in advance and one rain out and a reschedule, we finally were able to attend! We went to the Lights Festival that happened in Anna, Texas. We had mixed reviews about the experience, but the lantern part was definitely as magical as we had hoped!