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An Arabian Adventure!

This week for Disneybounding our Life we watched Aladdin! Maddie grew up watching this one (and the sequels) over and over and over again! 

This week for Disneybound outfits took a bit of problem solving. Maddie recently had to get rid of her old white jean shorts as they had developed an unrepairable hole. So her initial reactions to outfits didn't work. We ended up going with all blue characters as she had a couple of dresses that would work!

This week we tried our hand at making "authentic" Middle Eastern Food. While it may not have gone exactly as we had hoped, it was still good and we learned a lot!

If you want to try your hand at the recipes we tried, you can do so at the Spruce!

But what might have been the highlight of the week was revisiting some old home video of Maddie's trip to MGM Studios when Aladdin had it's own character meal and parade!