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Workout Wednesday 1.24.18

This week, I want to talk about a game called Disney Crossy Roads.

It's basically Frogger, upgraded for the 21st century with a Disney twist.

The original Crossy Roads game had it's own set of characters and worlds that you could play in. Then they partnered with Disney and it's AWESOME. They have worlds based on our favorite characters like Mickey, Aladdin, The Lion King and even the Haunted Mansion! I've pretty much faithfully played it for over a year and a half.

Why am I talking about Disney Crossy Roads on a workout blog post? Hear me out.

On Disney Crossy Roads, I have gotten to the point where I'm pretty decent at it, and I can go pretty fast through the obstacles and not get run over or fall in the creek. But, in my arrogance of "I can go fast because I'm good at this," sometimes I end up getting ahead of myself, and my character dies. Game Over. It's only when I'm wise and know when to pause and let obstacles pass before I continue do I end up fulfilling my missions.

I've come to a similar point in my running career. I have been dealing with knee pain on and off as we have been running. But since we have only been running for a minute with a four minute walk, I haven't had too many injuries to deal with post run. This week was a much different story. After upping the intervals to a two minute run and a three minute walk, my right hip was in incredible pain. So much so I could barely walk after we got home.

I've already been to the chiropractor. I've iced and heated and rested and all that stuff but it's been a persistent problem. Honestly, it's just most likely that my ligaments haven't tightened up properly yet and my hips are still realigning post-baby. What's really interesting, as a side note, is while we were running these last couple of weeks, I wasn't losing any weight. But after resting and only walking this week, I'm down three more pounds.

So what's the story here?

Just like in Crossy Roads, I think my running career is going to have to wait for obstacles to clear before I can move forward. I'm going to need to focus more on walking and weight lifting while my hips realign and my ligaments aren't so out of shape. I'm definitely focusing on my core and my hip muscles to be able to support me during running, whenever that time comes again. But instead of getting frustrated about the issue and throwing an inner temper tantrum, I'm choosing to just see this as a "pause" before moving forward. 

If you come to face challenges in your workout routine due to injury or temporary inability, I hope you can find a way to not get frustrated and instead, choose to focus on what you CAN do so that you can then come back stronger than ever to the workouts you love. Is this the "comeback" I hoped for? Heck no. But it's the hand I have been dealt with and so I'm going to manage it best I can while still aiming for my fitness goals!

This week's workouts:

  • Monday - 3 mile walk (it's the south loop of our park)
  • Tuesday - Strength (abs)
  • Wednesday - 3 mile walk
  • Thursday - Strength (arms)
  • Friday - Yoga
  • Saturday - 3 mile walk