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Workout Wednesday 5.16.18

If I’m being honest, sometimes working out just sucks.

Maybe it’s because I feel sick or tired or any other excuse. Maybe I just “don’t feel like it” that day or it too hot outside or whatever. I can come up so many reasons and easily talk myself out of working out. Which can be a real problem since it sometimes feels like my body can store away fats like it’s trying to win a medal or something. Sure I know there are benefits, but it’s easy to lose focus on the big picture during the 100th burpee.

But over the past few months, I’ve started to try and change the way I think about each workout. Growing up, I was always told that I could choose my attitude and it holds true with my fitness too. I’ve found that if I start with a better attitude, the workout high that follows is even better. Plus, supposedly, the best progress is made when you’re most tired; those last two or three reps, when you feel like your muscles are going to give out any moment. Which makes sense I guess.

If you only train up to the point where it starts to hurt, when the suck sets in, you’ll never progress. Progress is made by pressing past that point, forcing yourself to become stronger to cope with the scenario so that next time, you can meet the demand. But first we have to endure the pain. And with that pain, the gains will come.

So I’m going to keep my focus on the end game and choose to keep a positive attitude. Because I know that my outcome will be directly affected by the struggle endured during the workout. And my end attitude is directly affected by the attitude I choose to start with. So for now, I will keep working towards my goal. When it’s hard or hot or heavy, I’m going to press on. Embrace the suck. Because it’s about the end goal, not the current pain.

This week's workouts:

  • Monday: Recovery/Travel Day
  • Tuesday: Strength Training
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Run 30 min
  • Friday: Strength Training
  • Saturday: Run 2.5 miles
  • Sunday: Bike with family