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Disney Week Day 4

Welcome to our final installment of Disney Week here on the blog. Today we are actually recapping days 4 and 5, reasons which will become apparent.

Before I start, I want to say a huge thank you to the Magic For Less team and our travel agent Jeanette Cona-Larock! You can find them and book your own travel plans at http://www.themagicforless.com!

We were so excited about today because it was our marathon day in the parks. However, it didn't start out very well. When we got back to our campsite we noticed a letter that said they might be evacuating the campsites the following day. After a phone converstaion with the front desk (at 1:00 AM) we learned that they weren't going to make any decisions until a meeting that was going to happen at 9:00 AM, which is when we wanted to be in EPCOT. We decided to be proactive and just pack up camp and store our bags at the front desk so that if we needed to move, we wouldn't have to come back and move our stuff.

There was a debacle with having someone come and pick up our bags but there was another amazing cast member who came and picked us up herself from the front desk. She then worked hard once they made the decision to evacuate the campgrounds to find us a room while we were enjoying the parks. By 2:00, we got a phone call and a text message from her with our new room and all of our stuff was already linked to our magic bands.

Meanwhile, we were living it up in the parks. EPCOT is one of my favorite places and we went around future world in the morning. Sourin' is my new favorite ride now with the new around the world film! Just saying. We also rode Frozen while waiting for Food and Wine to open. It was good and I got goosebump moments, but the line is still too long for my taste. Then we walked around Food and Wine and sampled so many things until we felt like over stuffed burritos. It was hot too and we both got overheated. But thankfully, we were able to go to the first aid area, I grabbed some Tylenol, and within 10 minutes we were cooled down, rehydrated and in line for our Fastpass at Test Track. 

After a quick trip on Spaceship Earth, we got to Hollywood Studios just in time for the First Order March. It was a great mood setter for wandering around the Launch Bay and meeting Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. We also had fun interactions with storm troopers. Then we braved the afternoon Florida deluge to walk over to Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, favorites for both of us. 

We then went back to our campsite resort to pick up our bags and that's when we were super thankful for making our decision early. The line for check out was wrapped around the building with people not knowing what they were going to do. We thankfully were able to get a driver and headed over to our room at Coronado Springs. This was, again, another moment where we were thankful about being proactive as the line here was also out the building. Apparently this is where they evacuated many of the Vero Beach guests, Cruise Line guests and even a few of the value resort guests for the storm. We were able to skip the line and just roll ourselves and our bags to our new room, which we could open with our magic bands. We then had time to try out Maya Grill before heading to the Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours. We had so much fun and walking through of the park at night is still one of my favorite things to do.

The next day we continued with our planned itinerary with breakfast at Whispering Canyon. But as we looked at our day, we saw many of the flights were being blocked cancelled due to the weather. With Jared having work, we ended up spending most of our day in guest services lines to finalize a plan and we ended up checking out early and heading to the airport, despite all the flights being full (yay non-rev travel!).

All the American flights were packed. But after a quick conversation with the Egli family, we miraculously got seats on one of the last flights out of MCO for Houston, and we stayed at the Egli ranch that night. Unexpected, but good times with family and we were NOT in our hotel room a hurricane.

I was so thankful for this trip. We spent a year saving up and planning for it and despite the storm messing with our plans, we had so much fun. There's a reason I love going to Disney that I have a hard time articulating but it seems to be a place where we both can just forget what's going on at home and truly have fun exploring some of our favorite stories. I'm so blessed to get to go as often as I do and I'm already counting down the days to Disneyland!

Photos are below the videos!

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