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Disney Week Day 3

Hello friends! Welcome to Disney Week day 3!

Today was AWESOME. We hit it off with some more mini golf at Fantasia Gardens. Great course. Really fun stuff. 

What was not so fun was us trying to decide in between mini golf and 4:00 PM if we were going to wait to do the Halloween Party on Thursday like originally planned, or if we were going to try to switch our tickets to that night and guarantee us getting to see it. We decided on going for it tonight. Through a flash thunderstorm, transportation not working and Jared trying to get our campsite put up in the deluge alone, we finally made it to the Magic Kingdom with our new tickets and my new favorite cast member ever from Guest Relations. Thank you Disney, for being so accommodating and making magic happen for us!

That night we got to still do our favorite rides before eating at the new Skipper Canteen. Then we trick or treated our way around the park before experiencing the fireworks and parade. They were so awesome. And since Thursday night's party ended up getting cancelled, I think we definitely made the right decision!

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to the Magic For Less team and our travel agent Jeanette Cona-Larock! You can find them and book your own travel plans at http://www.themagicforless.com!

Pictures are below the videos!

To get a taste of the fun, you can watch our day in 80 seconds below!

To watch all the fun, you can watch the full recap below! 

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