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God Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

The title might be puzzling, but surely, you can deduce like Sherlock to figure it out. No? Well then you are in luck. Just keep reading and you will find out. 

Season 4 was by far one of the most intense seasons of Sherlock. I thought we saw a more tender, upset and yet, stronger Sherlock than the past three seasons. Where he had been painted as more of an addict that couldn't take care of things or give a crap about people, this season we see him taking on grief, friendship and family in a whole new way. All while wearing the hat... 

*****SPOILER ALERT***** 

Don't read on if you don't want the first episode (or possibly the second and the third) spoiled for you. You have been warned. 

In "The Lying Detective" we see both Sherlock and Watson struggling with the death of Mary. And in true Sherlock fashion, we have to go to great lengths for the two to become friends again. But one of the quotes that stuck out to me the most was this:

 John Watson: You didn’t kill Mary. Mary died saving your life. It was her choice, no-one made her do it. No-one could ever make her do anything. The point is, you did not kill her.

Sherlock Holmes: In saving my life, she conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend.

Man. When you talk about the "laying one's life down for one's friends'" put into action, we don't really understand the implications of it until we see it first hand (fictionally or realistically). If I had a friend who died to save me, I would be feeling the guilt or at least, the impetus to make my life count for something so that my friend's death would be worth it. This is what Sherlock is dealing with in this quote.

But we did have someone die for us. His name was Jesus. If only we acted the same way in our day to day lives as Sherlock reacted to Mary's death.  

Sherlock and Watson working out the strained friendship after Mary's death. 

Sherlock and Watson working out the strained friendship after Mary's death.