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A New Blog

So, we changed the design of the blog! We are also sharing some big changes not just in the blog but in our lives today. I hope you will watch the video to find out what's going to be happening and join us on this adventure!

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Happy Halloween 2017

While there are going to be plenty of things that are scary this evening, this picture pretty much sums up my fears for right now.  Why? Check out the blog to find out.

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Disneybounding While Pregnant

Maddie has been really thinking through her outfit options while shopping in the maternity section, and has gotten many compliments on her outfits over the summer. So, here's how she put together some of her favorite outfits!

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Restoration in the Making

Many of you know that I work with a fantastic organization called Redeemed Ministries. They are a non-profit that works with human trafficking victims and runs a long term residential program that allows survivors to have a safe place to heal. I've posted many times before about them. For example here, here and here.

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We are one year old!

August 4th, Jared and I uploaded our very first blog post. Who knew if we would have many readers or viewers. But it was a creative outlet for Maddie to hone her video skills and a fun way to share our escapades with friends and family.

365 days later, it's pretty remarkable how much has changed. And 365 days from now, it will be even more different. Not 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. Here's to many more adventures to come!

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Halfway Thoughts

I have had many emotions and feelings throughout this pregnancy thing. But I thought today, being "halfway" through this process, I would share some thoughts and candid confessions about this whole pregnancy thing so far.

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Happy Fourth of July!

In keeping with the seasons, here's our patriotic fireplace decor!

Happy Independence Day and enjoy celebrating the freedoms we have!

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The Baby Registry Adventure

We just passed the four month mark of pregnancy and it's time to start getting serious at the baby registry list. However, after seeing the amount of stuff just for babies in this store, we had a hard time taking some things seriously... :)

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today on the blog I talk about a trip my mom and I took three years ago and the opportunity we had to see my great uncle's name on the Vietnam Memorial. For details, see video. :)

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A Big Announcement...

I feel the video is pretty self explanatory. :)

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Over the weekend, Nike with three elite runners attempted to run the marathon in under two hours. Something people say is impossible.

Never mind that I usually haven't event broken 13.1 by the two hour mark. These people are FAST.

Even if you are not a runner, here's some pretty amazing takeaways that we can apply to our lives as we try to do the impossible. 

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God Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

The title might be puzzling, but surely, you can deduce like Sherlock to figure it out. No? Well then you are in luck. Just keep reading and you will find out

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The Thrill of Adventure

Fear can be a positive motivator instead of a debilitating emotion. 

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Happy New Year

As with most people on the internet, we are taking the time to talk about our hopes and dreams for 2017. 

Most of it seems to include laughter. Usually with Jared making side comments. If this is the case, I am totally happy with 2017!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family. 

From Maddie and Jared

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Family Traditions

This weekend we got the great opportunity to sit down with Jared's family and discuss family traditions over the generations! It was very cool to see even how in our family, we have a wide spread of traditions while growing up! 

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A December Weekend

This last weekend was jam packed with awesomeness. We got to do a 5K with my family on Friday, followed by a craft fair and date night on Saturday. 

My body hurts and I'm super tired, but I wouldn't trade these memories for anything. 

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It's #GivingTuesday! And call us biased, but we think you should seriously consider giving to Redeemed Ministries today. Check out their "Make A Difference" video below and give at redeemedministries.com/donate!

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A Day in the Life

I don't think it's a surprise that with Jared's irregular work schedule, life doesn't revolve around your typical 5/2 day work/play schedule. But there are some days where life kinda seems "normal." This day was one of those days. And yes, it did center around tacos.

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