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Restoration in the Making

Many of you know that I work with a fantastic organization called Redeemed Ministries. They are a non-profit that works with human trafficking victims and runs a long term residential program that allows survivors to have a safe place to heal. I've posted many times before about them. For example here, here and here.

Many of you also know that I am not a big girly girl. I would prefer athletic wear and no make up any day and keeping a "beauty routine" never happens.

So when I heard that Redeemed Ministries was branching out into a social enterprise so that it could provide jobs for our women I was initially excited. When I heard the product was going to be beauty products, my excitement abated. After all, how many homemade beauty products had I tried on Pinterest and failed? But, I remained optimistic and I held out to try anything until the official launch (which happened last Thursday) so that my reactions could be genuine as we live streamed the launch on Facebook.

I'll let you watch the video yourself to see what I thought. :)

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