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A Car Seat Cover DIY

If you have seen our other posts, we are in love with our car seat! It's so nice to be able to take her out of the car and covert the seat into a stroller, all without waking the baby! But we did need a car seat cover to not only protect her from the cold, but also protect her from all the cold germs! Traditional car seat covers did not work for the Doona since it has the option to put the handle in "stroller mode." So Maddie sewed up a cute alternative that has worked great for us!

This is a great beginner DIY project for anyone learning how to sew. It uses all straight lines, topstitching, talks about how to sew two pieces of fabric together but make the edges nice and finished! 

Here's the tutorial I learned from: https://www.happymamatales.com/diy-car-seat-cover-tutorial/