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A Star Wars Case DIY

Y’all! I made a phone case!

I saw that with Galaxy’s Edge opening at Disneyland, many Star Wars nerds were making phone cases so that their phone looked like it matched the rest of the environment while they used the Disney Play app. I really wanted to do the same but use some techniques that pushed me, specifically 3D modeling and printing!

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A Trip to Geowoodstock!

It’s our favorite thing to do as a family, geocaching! And the biggest event of the year was happening almost literally in our backyard! 

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A Renaissance Adventure!

A couple of weeks ago we showed you our process to make our cosplay! Now, we get to share us wearing it!

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A Cosplay Endeavor

As promised, it’s our cosplay DIY overview!

In this video we basically give an overview of how we made each part of our outfits. It’s not an in depth tutorial on how to do everything. However, we go over each step in the process and give tips on what we did right and maybe things we would do different next time!

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DIY: Family Command Center

We are DIY-ing on a tight budget! Jared explains how he created this family command center for our house!

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DIY: Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder!

Today's blog is a shorty but a goody! Jared whipped up an under the cabinet paper towel holder for our kitchen, and we wanted to share how he did it! It's pretty simple and easy! 

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A New Coat DIY

It's been an unusually cold winter here in Texas. And Maddie decided to make herself a warm coat. But, because its Maddie, she couldn't bring herself to make "just a coat." Check out her video to see what she designed!

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A Car Seat Cover DIY

Traditional car seat covers did not work for the Doona since it has the option to put the handle in "stroller mode." So Maddie sewed up a cute alternative that has worked great for us!

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A Craft Cart Reveal!

Ok. Blog is up a little later than normal today. But late is better than never so here we go!

I am so, so excited to show y'all the INCREDIBLE craft cart Jared has made me! 

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A Nursery Remodel Reveal

It's officially done. The nursery is complete! After working on in since August, we are excited to finally show y'all the details of the nursery, including how we came up with the design.

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An Instructable DIY: Industrial Chandelier!

Jared has once again shown his brilliance. He created an Instructable discussing how he created the chandelier for our office! It's so awesome, he was actually chosen as a featured post on Instructables.com!

You can help him win by going to his post and voting for him in the First Time Author's competition. Visit the blog to find out more!

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#EgliHomeMakeover: Office Remodel Phase 2!

After a few months we finally got a chance to build and install the next phase of our office! We now have a custom made bookshelf for decorations and books. We also raised the computer screen to finish the standing desk and also now have shelves above the desk to put decorations and supplies!

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Office Remodel: Phase 1!

It's going to be a long time in the making, but we are finally redoing our front room. It's now going to become our office and our music room! Check out the video below to see all the work we put into the first phase of the project!

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April Garden Update

Last time we talked about our garden it was just putting the seeds into the soil to germinate. Now, we are actually putting in the infrastructure of our new gutter garden and transplanting those seeds to our backyard!

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Starting the Garden for 2017!

Our garden has been a love/hate relationship for us...

We really just need to work on our timing.

Which is why we are making sure we start our seeds now.

See the plans we have for our garden in this update!

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New Year, New Mantle, Same Love

I absolutely love decorating our mantle each season and this month I decided to display things from our wedding. Our wedding invitation. Our menu. Our program. One of the napkins we had printed. Paper airplanes that sent us out on our honeymoon. We still look back on this day and the emotions are unexplainable. 

Thank you to everyone who made our wedding day so memorable and full of joy. 

Oh, and Mac and Cheese bar. 

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Candle Making 101

So we are diving into some different DIY areas. We like to constantly keep learning things. We made our own soy candles for Christmas and decided to try our hand at a beeswax pillar candle. Here's how things went...

Warning, might contain blowtorch action and lots of sarcasm. 

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Home Makeover #EgliEdition: Master Bedroom!

After MONTHS of work we have finally put the last touches on our master bedroom, and we are ready to share it with you!

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