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A French Adventure!

So, while we didn't make it to Paris, (not even Paris, Texas), we did watch a French movie and enjoyed Ratatouille! 

For putting together Disneybound items this week, I found it difficult to find inspiration because all the chefs wear the same uniform! So this week I decided to challenge myself to find a dressy and a casual version of my character's looks this week. I don't have many jewelry items that would work for cooking, but I loved that the checkered ribbon I bought last week for Planes worked for this movie too!

This week was a little different as we were attending Jared's family reunion up in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. Everyone usually takes turns cooking. So when it was our turn, we made ratatouille for everyone with omelettes!

We used this recipe for make our Ratatouille! We would love to see how your versions come out! Tag us on Instagram @aowin80!