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Workout Wednesday 8.29.18

So we've entered a weird workout phase of our lives. No race to run toward. No specific event going on. And to boot, I (Maddie) really want to work on losing weight now that the nursing stage of my life is over. So what have our workouts looked like?

Most of our workouts involve walking. That's right. A good, old fashioned walk after dinner. We don't even walk that fast. Out goal is to get in at least 30 minutes to enjoy the outdoors, talk sans-electronics and get the dog some exercise too. 

What's really nice too is knowing that it happens EVERY day, after dinner. So it's become a routine and thus, we get out there more often than not. 

Then a couple times a week we have been going to our trainer for strength training. We can tell we are getting stronger as he's had to keep upping the weights on us! It's a good full body workout throughout the week hitting all major muscle groups. 

One of the biggest changes? Our diet. Now that we know for sure nursing hormones aren't keeping me from losing weight, we have really tightened up our diet. I am still allowed to have milk and chocolate at night (it's my reward for a good day of parenting haha!) but we just work it into our macronutrient and overall calorie budget. Since the beginning of this month, I've lost five pounds! It feels good to work hard and actually see some results for once!

We will, as always, keep you updated through this journey!

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: Walk and Abs
  • Tuesday: Strength Training with Dustin
  • Wednesday: Walk and Abs
  • Thursday: Walk and Abs
  • Friday: Strength Training
  • Saturday: Walk and Abs
  • Sunday: Walk and Abs
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