A Harry Potter Date

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Jared and I had a summer bucket list...which we actually got mostly through! So when we sat down to talk about our fall bucket list, we actually decided to try a fall themed date that would be fun but easy. Aka...the challenge for every date! 

So I took on the challenge of doing a Harry Potter themed date! After parroosing Pinterest, I came up with the idea that we would do an activity for each class, and we would have the option to play "hooky" for whatever class we didn't feel like doing. I think this is the challenge for many of these dates. If we don't get to something, I feel bad that we didn't "complete" the date. 

I created a Hogwarts "acceptance letter" as well as cards for each activity. I put all these in envelopes so that as the day went on, Jared could find out another piece of the date. I also found these Harry Potter glasses (which were my favorite!) and then bought Harry Potter Clue for our final activity. 

Did I also mention we found butterbeer? After going to Cracker Barrel, we found a butterscotch drink that is also gluten free. Huzzah! 

Check out all the fun we had in the video!