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12 Score and 3 Years Ago

Hello all! This week’s blog is going to touch on an issue very near to my heart. We got the opportunity to visit a pop up museum that talked about the history and current state of slavery around the world.

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A Fantasia Adventure!

This week for Disneybounding our life might rival as Maddie’s favorite activity so far. Jared bought her tickets for her birthday to see Fantasia Live at the @ftworthsymphony and it was a dream! Come join us as we talk about our experience!

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A 6th Anniversary

We've officially made it six years! Wohoo! While we have had our ups and downs, these have honestly been the best six years of life. I can't wait for the next six! We decided to celebrate with some adventure. Check out our fun day together!

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A Christmas Outing

Well, this last week marked our baby girl turning one month old and, subsequently, us surviving our first month as parents. So we treated ourselves to a date and a family Christmas outing.

The Christmas outing itself was to a lights display called Enchant Christmas. We loved it! And I think you will love the video too!

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A Harry Potter Date

Jared and I had a summer bucket list...which we actually got mostly through! So when we sat down to talk about our fall bucket list, we actually decided to try a fall themed date that would be fun but easy. Aka...the challenge for every date! 

So I took on the challenge of doing a Harry Potter themed date!

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To Travel Back in Time

A couple of weekends ago, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Vintage Flying Museam Swing Dance!

We went to a museum last year (see Thursday's Throwback post!) and found out they host an annual Swing Dance Gala every year with an authentic swing band. Also, everyone dresses up in "WWII era" garb! We had plans last year the weekend they hosted it but we made a promise to make sure we made it this year. It did not disappoint!

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#ThrowbackThursday: Vintage Flying Museam

We wanted to revisit a blog that Maddie wrote on her old blog! When we moved here, we realized we have five different airports within a few miles of us. Score! One of our favorites is right down the road from us called Meacham airport.

There's an amazing museam there called the Vintage Flying Museam where WWII era planes are on display with so many other things. They are all housed in an original B-29 Bomber hanger. 

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Happy Halloween!

We are all treats here and no tricks! We got to go to the pumpkin patch again and made ourselves a Snoopy Jack-O-Lantern!

Hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Date Ideas: Pumpkin Patch!

We frequently run out of ideas for date ideas. When trying to come up with new ones, we can't find many true, creative dates that are fun and not watching things on TV. So we thought we would share our date ideas so that you can benefit and share the love!

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