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A Humble iPhone X Review

So it finally happened...the iPhone X released and mine is here! As an Apple fan girl, I was very excited to watch the keynote this year as I knew my phone was due for upgrade. I had heard rumors about what the phone could be and all the features it would deliver. But I was not plugged into the rumor mills all that much and I was overjoyed to hear all the iPhone X would offer...especially when it came to the camera (baby pics anyone???).

The internet is saturated with iPhone X reviews with fancy montages and shots that look like Apple might have paid for them to make the reviews (not saying thats the case but sometimes one begins to wonder). Then there are other reviews that would rather just bash Apple about everything. Me? I just want to tell you about my experience and include a new thing I tried where I preordered through the Verizon app and activated my phone from at home, including a trade in.

If you want to just watch my video about my experiences with this process, scroll to the bottom.

Here's the step by step process I did while buying and transferring my phone:

1. I preordered the iPhone through the Verizon app. I had a few struggles while ordering (I assume due to the volume of people ordering) but was able to complete my purchase within 20-30 minutes of reviewing all the options.

2. Verizon sent me a box to return my old phone within a couple of days to get my trade in credit. Thankfully, I had 15 days after my new phone arrived to make sure to send this back so that I was not out of a phone during that time.

3. Friday got here and my shipment arrived around 4:00 PM. That was one bummer...you didn't know when your shipment would arrive so you had to wait at home all day to make sure you were available to sign for it...not to mention the suspense of when you will actually be able to hold it!

4. I unpaired my Apple Watch. This can be done within the app and it makes a backup of your watch automatically. (Simple tutorial can be found here)

5. I backed up my old phone to the iCloud and to my computer so I had two full backups (just in case).

6. My biggest complaint over the last couple of years is that when I switch phones, if I don't pair my watch successfully or back up to the iCloud, I lose all my health data. I have since found this app called QS Access that allows you to back up your health data to a spreadsheet and then a second app called Health Importer that will import it on your new phone in case there's a data issue. It has saved my life in the past and it gives me peace of mind to know if the backup fails I can still have all my activity data restored.

7. I then turned on my new iPhone and went through the onscreen set up process. I had no problems using my iCloud back up to basically make it as though my old iPhone was in a new body...like the Tardis soul got a hardware upgrade after the Doctor regenerates (sorry, had to throw a reference in there! haha)! This process took about 30 minutes. It probably would have been shorter if I didn't have issues with my Apple Pay. I had two cards that had new expiration dates and I ended up having to manually add them later. 

8. I then re-paired my Apple Watch with the new phone. This also took about 30 minutes but that's pretty standard for the Apple Watch (it takes a while to transfer the data from the back up and boot the watch back up).

9. Then I just had to wait for all my apps to download.  Even with my fast internet speed, it took about another hour for my phone to be completely installed. But then again, I have a ton of apps.

10. After going out with my family and making sure all the data got transferred to my liking, I then turned off find my iPhone on my 6S and erased it. I put it in the pouch/box Verizon sent me and shipped it back the next day. SO CONVENIENT!

To hear my thoughts about the iPhone and see some examples of photos and videos I have taken with it so far, check out the video below! I also bought an Incipio case (affiliate link) for my new iPhone X and I am currently in love with it!

Until next time (when we will hopefully have a new baby with us) I hope you all have a great week!