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Happy Halloween 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you are all ready to go with your costumes and candy collection containers for tonight! Have fun and be safe! 

Yesterday I had every intention to delve into things going on in our lives that have been changing...things other than the fact that we are going to be parents! But honestly, the timing doesn’t seem right. God is still working in myself and in Jared on our vision for our family and honestly, who want’s to be served a half baked cake...you know what I mean? 

But while there are going to be plenty of things that are scary this evening, this picture pretty much sums up my fears for right now.  


That’s right. A blank piece of paper. I feel like God gives me different moments of change in life and they have all been related to blank pieces of paper. There’s so much potential for a blank page. You can do many things with it. But sometimes, I get petrified that the choices I make with the paper will not match what I actually envision for the paper to become.  

Yet, what I have learned over the years is that God has plans for this piece of paper and it always ends up coming out to be exactly what I need. Thankfully, it comes out better than I had envisioned. 

So I’m choosing to be brave with all the changes coming up and trusting God through all of it.  

Obviously, with a newborn’s eminent arrival, this blog might not be updated for a little bit. I still would love to blog as I think it will give me something to do and stay sane while dealing with crying and diapers and sleepless nights. But bear with us while we make this transition and keep us in your prayers. Hopefully, I will get a chance to start creating on this blank slate of a new season and get to share it with you all soon! 

Love always, 

Maddie and Jared