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A Jungle Adventure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Disneybounding our Life! This week, we watched Tarzan! It's been a while since we have seen this movie and we forgot how much we loved it!

So, this movie makes an interesting Disneybounding challenge...there are not a ton of outfits in this movie haha! But can we give it up for the strong women in this movie? Tarzan's mom is helping build the treehouse with a baby on her back. And Jane is pursuing her dream of seeing the gorillas for the first time. Also, did I mention she likes to hammock and sketch like I do???

This week we actually went on a date night! Since Tarzan is always climbing things and swinging on vines, we thought we would practice our climbing skills and go rock climbing! We love the Summit Climbing gym in Grapevine, but wanted to check out their new facility in Fort Worth!