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An Incredible Adventure!

We're baaaaaaack!

We had a great week while we were out! Maddie volunteered at our church's Kids Camp! It was all animation theme and her team of kiddos was Team Disney! So you can imagine her excitement about the week!

Reagan spent the week with grandparents! She got to see both sides of the family and even great-grandparents! Thank you to the entire family that came out to make sure our baby girl was well taken care of!

Jared worked a tiny bit, but got to see his side of the family when they came up to take care of Reagan. He also got a ton of work done around the house that was much needed!

When Maddie got back, Jared and her went to see Incredibles 2! It was everything we could have hoped for and more! We of course, Disneybounded the entire week. We love this movie!

We were so excited for the message that came through in Incredibles 2 about making sure we don't let viewing adventures through our screens limit us actually having adventures in real life! So we decided for our family activity this week, we would have a screen free day! We worked out, hung out on the hammock, went to a coffee shop as a family and cooked dinner together! It was a great day!