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Workout Wednesday 6.20.18

Hi everyone! It's good to be back! We had an amazing time while out at our church's kids camp! But we are glad to be back and getting back into the swing of things!

Today I wanted to talk about a fantastic experience while we were down in Austin for a fun girls trip!

After a day at Magnolia Table and touring our state's Capitol, we were trying to think of fun things to do while in Austin on Sunday. I have always wanted to bike around Lady Bird Lake. Thankfully, my family was game to do it too!

We ended up renting bikes from Austin Bike Tours and Rentals! They were great and flexible while working out how to get Rea on to my bike. We ended up going with the seat behind the handle bars and she loved it! Not to mention, she got a great nap in as well!

The guy working the station gave us some great pointers about the trail around the lake and was even kind enough to show us how to get to the trail from the bike rental shop. Once we got there, I was a little apprehensive because there were a TON of people on the trail! We were having to weave quite a bit and I didn't know how that was going to affect my family members. But as we got further and further around the lake, the crowds thinned and we had plenty of space to maneuver through the path!

This bike ride was so beautiful and so much fun! I have a short timelapse of part of the trail to share with you!

So what's the point of this post? When you are traveling, definitely check out these kinds of adventures! We enjoyed seeing the lake from different perspectives and got a whole different view of downtown that we wouldn't have seen otherwise! 

What has been your favorite active adventure while on vacation?

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: Run 2 miles
  • Tuesday: Strength training with Dustin
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Run 3 miles
  • Friday: Strength training with Dustin
  • Saturday: Run 5 miles
  • Sunday: Family bike ride