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Geocaching Festival: #Dentoning Style!

So last week Denton (a city close to us) hosted the 16th Texas Geocaching Festival. It's a big event where Geocachers from all over Texas come and participate in an Amazing Race style challenge. They divide up into teams based on region and despite North Texas' incredible win streak in years past, they came up 2nd this year to Southeast. Next year folks!

We didn't participate in the challenge but we did go out and find the special caches associated with the event called Lab Caches. We had a ton of fun! 

If you are interested in finding out about next year's festival, you should checkout the Facebook Page for the Texas Geocaching Association. And while we love the Geocaching App (Apple and Android), we found the app Cachly (Apple) really helpful for creating our list of Lab Caches!

If you would like to get into geocaching yourself, you can go to geocaching.com!