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Workout Wednesday 3.21.18

Today’s Workout Wednesday is going to be short and sweet. It’s my birthday. Which means we are out camping for the first trip of the season [insert huge smile on my face]!

What I do have for you today, is news that I signed up for my first 10K since baby! My family and I are going to be participating in the Beach to Beacon 10K up in Maine come this August. I’m super excited not only because I get to visit a new state and run a race, but I also get to visit my Aunt and Uncle while I’m up there!  

But, that’s motivation for me to figure out how to start running again haha. I am feeling much stronger and I’m excited to try again at hitting the pavement and getting the miles in! 

Maybe if you are reading this, your birthday present to me would be some encouragement? I’m excited but also a little nervous. I hope that I can get to that level again or even better than before baby!  

This week’s workouts: 

  • Monday: Camping/Hiking
  • Tuesday: Camping/Hiking
  • Wednesday: Camping/Hiking
  • Thursday: Strength with Dustin
  • Friday: Bike 30 minutes
  • Saturday: Swim 600m