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Workout Wednesday 7.11.18

Last week was a major accomplishment in our running journey...not only did we reach 5 miles on the long run, but we hit all three of our running workouts alongside our two strength training workouts! It was a workout schedule miracle. 

How was this accomplished? Preparation, teamwork and flexibility.

Monday morning Reagan woke up at 6:30 AM. I got up thinking, "Awesome. We will get our run in while it's still cool outside." However, as soon as I put her in her seat, she started crying historically. Poor thing was so tired from all the Fourth of July activities we did last weekend all she wanted to do was sleep. So we took most of Monday and caught up on sleep. I then got my run in at the gym as soon as the Kids Club opened at 4:00 PM. Was it ideal? No. But we made it happen. Flexibility.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck (aka...everything hurt). And I was a grump. So Jared went for a run while I watched Reagan and that evening, Jared took over bedtime while I went on a run solo. Teamwork at it's best!

Saturday morning we hit the snooze button quite a lot and kept asking each other, "Are we going running?" We eventually made it out there. Reagan was already crying at mile 1.5. But we came prepared and had a bottle for her (which stopped the crying), a fan and a frozen teether to keep her cool. No more fuss until mile 4.5. Which to be honest, was when I was crying on the inside too. Preparation.

Monkey wrench in the whole thing? My running shoes are causing my right foot to swell in a way it's not supposed to. The support in my shoes forces me to run more on the outside of my foot which causes severe pain and swelling in the middle of my foot. It's something I've dealt with pretty much my whole running career, but these shoes seem to be worse than normal. I found a new running store though and they seem promising when it comes to dealing with the issue completely! I'll post details later. 

So to sum up how I'm feeling about the whole training experience this week? I feel like I'm taking a hard turn at high speed and my wheels are coming off the car. Hopefully tapping the breaks and employing some precise steering will let me keep training and be ready for my 10K here soon!

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: Bike 30 minutes (let the swelling in my foot completely heal)
  • Tuesday: Strength training with Dustin
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Run 2 miles
  • Friday: Strength training with Dustin
  • Saturday: Run 5K
  • Sunday: Family bike ride