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To Travel Back in Time

A couple of weekends ago, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Vintage Flying Museam Swing Dance!

We went to a museum last year (see Thursday's Throwback post!) and found out they host an annual Swing Dance Gala every year with an authentic swing band. Also, everyone dresses up in "WWII era" garb! We had plans last year the weekend they hosted it but we made a promise to make sure we made it this year. It did not disappoint!

We instantly walked in and were in awe of the ginormous B-29 Bomber Fifi parked smack dab in the middle of the hanger. Fifi is one of two airworthy B-29 Bombers that exists today. She is the same model as the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, effectively ending WWII. The Enola Gay doesn't fly anymore (it's in pieces at the Smithsonian) but Fifi does. What's really interesting is they are looking for volunteer pilots to help fly her in airshows and movies. Jared was very interested...hehe. 

We had so much fun and while you don't see it on the video, we did test out our YouTube learned swing dance moves on the dance floor. Then, we headed up the road to another airport close by where the light pollution is greatly diminished and we watched the meteorites from Halley's Comet go by. They looked like giant golden streaks in the sky!

We had so much fun and it was a perfect night! Check out our pictures below!

Check out the action in 80 seconds below!

To see our whole video check it out below!