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#ThrowbackThursday: Vintage Flying Museam

We wanted to revisit a blog that Maddie wrote on her old blog! When we moved here, we realized we have five different airports within a few miles of us. Score! One of our favorites is right down the road from us called Meacham airport.

There's an amazing museum there called the Vintage Flying Museum where WWII era planes are on display with so many other things. They are all housed in an original B-29 Bomber hanger. 

Check out our blog below to see what we thought last year!

Jared and I have been in a slump on the dates over the summer. But now that it’s fall we have had a resurgence to try to be intentional about spending time together. We found a really great place to visit on a recent date...the Vintage Flying Museum!

This museum was so cool with the old planes that they are preserving and restoring right in the hangar at Meacham Airport. We got to talk to a Vietnam Vet at the desk and his “young lackey” that ended up giving us a personal tour of the hanger. He was a walking encyclopedia of plane history that we throughly enjoyed talking to.

We got to see the A26 “Special Kay” being restored up close! It was so awesome to see all the hard work and amazing engineering that goes into these incredible aircraft!

Did I mention that we got to see the other A-26 Invader based at Meacham in action?

This was such a fun date PLUS we got to learn so much more about something we both love!
— Daughter and Wife Blog, MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2015